E-Commerce Website portal

E-commerce also known as electronic commerce is a kind of website which allows you to buy and sell products online. Some common examples of E-commerce websites areFlipkart, Snapdeal etc. E-commerce web hosting is kind of hosting type, which is used to host e-commerce website.
SMV Infotech provides end to end web solutions to the business that is linked with buying and selling of products on World Wide Web. We are the leading company in providing business oriented e-commerce website developer company in Patna and hosting services to our client. Following are the advantages provided by SMV to customers:

Automatic Backups
You don't have to worry about backups now. SMV will provide you with automatic service so that your e-commerce service is safely secure.
Unlimited Bandwidth
SMV provides you with unlimited bandwidth for your e-commerce website so that when your website suffers from lots of traffic, you don't get a high bandwidth bill from us.
CDN (Content Deliver Network)
Now your target audience doesn't have to wait long for your website to load, as CDN is a network of server which ensures a minimal loading time for websites.

Other services include:

  • Web page design.
  • Electronic storefronts and online catalogs.
  • Electronic shopping carts.
  • A stipulation of financial transaction.
  • Inventory management tools.
  • Password protected directories so that only an owner has access to such sensitive data
  • Payment processors
  • Enhanced security for your website
  • And various other e-commerce tools

These are few factors which create a difference between traditional hosting and e-commerce web hosting. Our engineers are always available for technical assistance 24*7. SMV Infotech provides you with unbelievable low prices for e-commerce web hosting. E-commerce web hosting is a perfect choice for those having e-commerce websites and who need fully secure data storage and transaction processing.

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